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Town of Marcellus, New York
Founded 1794

Historical Society

Marcus Claudius Marcellus (268 - 208 BC)

The Town of Marcellus was named after Marcus Claudius Marcellus.
One of the most distinguished members of a Roman plebian family, Marcellus
lived from approximately 268 - 208 BC. As a Roman General he waged war
 against the Insubres in Gaul, defeating their chief in single combat in 222, and
held off Hannibal three times at Nola in 216 and 214. During the second Punic
War, the Roman Army led by Marcellus, conquered Syracuse in 211 BC after
a two-year siege by outwitting Archimedes' brilliantly engineered defenses.

Marcellus served as consul in 222, 216, 214, 210 and 208, but was surprised
by the enemy near Venusia and killed in 208. His successes have been
exaggerated by Livy, but he was deserving of the name often given to him:
"The Sword of Rome."