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Town of Marcellus, New York
Founded 1794

Historical Society

Rockwell Road
After the Alfred Rockwell family, early settlers here.

Rose Hill Road
May have been so called because of abundant roses.

Schyler Road
After the Schyler family.

Scotch Hill
From the many immigrants from Scotland who worked in the mills and lived in the mill
houses here.

Seal Road
After the Seal family and farm which they owned on this road.

Second Street
Is the second street west of the main division of the village / it was originally supposed to
extend south to Slocombe Avenue, along what is today Kelly Avenue.

Seneca Turnpike
After the Native American (Iroquois) tribe of the same name.

Sevier Road
After the Sevier family, farm family in the area.

Shamrock Road
From the many Irish who settled in that area.

Sheehan Road
After Cornelius Sheehan family, early Irish immigrants, whose home is still on the corner of
Dunblin Road.

Slate Hill Road
Because of the abundance of slate rock in the area.

Slocombe Avenue
After Sidney Slocombe, a President of the Village of Marcellus and the proprietor of a tin
and hardware shop in the building at 24 W. Main Street (also known as Maiden Lane).

South Street
Was once called Cherry Street, from the cherry trees, which once lined it/ it leads south out
of the village.

Station Lane
A station for the old M. & O. L. railroad was once here.
Orange Street
One of the first streets in the Village, it was common to name streets after fruits, just as another,
Cherry Street, was so named / it also, stands in marked contrast to the Irish (Green) who settled
across the creek on Limerick Street, parallel to the east.

Orchard Street
Originally called Orchard Row because it was built through an orchard, the street originally lined
with apple trees.

Park Street
So called because it borders Marcellus Park.

Parsons Drive
After the Levi Parsons family, early settler and Presbyterian Minister in Marcellus

Paul Street
After the L. D. Paul family which owned the property and erected several homes in a new
development here after WW II.

Platt Road
After the Joseph Platt family, early settlers.

Pleasant Valley Road
Also referred to as Pumpkin Hollow (from the luxuriant growth of pumpkins once grown there), the
drive along this road is as pleasant as the name implies.

Pucker Street
Marcellus had so many Yale graduates among its early settlers that the Village itself was known
by this name at one time / this was early Americana for "high hat" at the time.

Reed Avenue/Parkway
After the Hiram Reed family, who built a home on a farm tract encompassing all the area
between Reed Avenue and Reed Parkway.
Maple Street
(Once called Factory Street), from the maple trees, some of which still line it.

Marble Road
After the Marble family.

Masters Road
After the Masters family of Marcellus.

Meadow Street
The lane that led up to Hiram Reed's cow pasture, from his farm.

North Street
Because it leads north from village center, and towards Camillus Village; other names were
the Camillus Road and the Plank Road.
by John P. Curtin (1994)
Stump Road
Farmers had to remove so many stumps here before planting.

Williams Road
After the Jesse Williams family, early Marietta settlers.

Wilson Drive
After the Arthur Wilson family which owned the property and erected several homes in a
new development here after WW II.
Hall Avenue
After the Hall family (Mrs. Hall was a Parsons), which lived on the corner of South Street and
Platt Road.

Highland Drive
So called because it lies high above the village.

So called because of the topography.

Howlett Hill Road
After Parley E. Howlett, early settler in this area (Howlett Hill was at one time called Case Town).

Kelly Avenue
After the John P. Kelly family, which settled on this street.

Kelly Road
After Bridget Kelly, long-time teacher in the Marcellus Falls School.

Lathrop Drive
After the Lathrop family of Marcellus.

Lawless Road
After the Michael Lawless family, who settled in Marcellus in 1852, and whose name became
synonymous with Marcellus Falls and the paper industry.

Lawrence Road
From the family of Colonel Bigelow Lawrence, early settler.

Lee-Mulroy Road
After Byron Lee and Morris Mulroy / prominent public officials in Skaneateles and Marcellus.

Limeledge Road
So called because of the abundance of limestone in the area.

Limerick Street
After a town in Ireland (many Irish immigrants from Connemara settled here in the 19th century).

Maiden Lane
Now called Slocombe Avenue, its origin may have been the fact that the Misses Fowler once
lived in the house on the corner of what is now First Street and Slocombe Avenue.

Main Street
Earlier names were Seneca Turnpike and Genesee Street..
Academy Green
Passes through the site of the old Marcellus High School.

Amber Road
After a city in ancient India, picturesquely situated at the mouth of a mountain gorge, by a lake
(Otisco, in this case).

Austindale Avenue
After Charles Austin family, early settlers in Marcellus Falls area.

Baker Road
After Edward V. Baker, community leader in Marcellus.

Beach Street
After the Elnathan Beach/Bildad Beach families, earlier settlers Bishop Hill Road after the
Joseph Bishop family, Revolutionary War veteran and one of the early settlers on the hill.

Bradley Street
After Dan Bradley, first settler of the Village of Marcellus.

Brewer Road
After the Brewer family.

Cherry Street(South Street today)
From the cherry trees, which had been planted from Main Street to Flower Lane by Amory
"Quaker" Wilson, a nursery man who lived at what is now No. 12 South Street. The name
survived well into the 20th century after the cherry trees were long gone.

Chrisler Street
After Jonathan Chrisler who donated land for the road in 1906.

Coon Hill Road
After the Daniel G. Coon family, one of the first Presidents of Marcellus Village Dublin Road
after the Irish capital and the many Irish immigrants who settled on that street.

Dunbar Woods Drive
After the J. and S. Dunbar family, early settlers in the area.

Dunlap Avenue
After Jewett Dunlap, road superintendent for the Town of Marcellus.

Factory Street
(Now called Maple Street), from the fact that the factory (woolen mill) was located at the end of it.

Falls Road
Notes the 200 foot drop in the level of the Nine Mile Creek bed.

First Street
Is the primary street west of the main division of the Village.

Flower Lane
Clarence Coon had a greenhouse on what became this street.

Frank Gay Road
After Frank Gay, who owned property through which this road would pass.

Glover Road
After the John Glover family, stone cutters from Ireland.

Gypsy Road
From English gypsies who camped above the village, about the turn of the century; a baby,
born there one summer, was supposed to have been named Marcella.

In 1991, a man by the name of Jack Carpenter wrote a book about the interesting names of some
of the streets in Syracuse entitled Street Wise. It provided a colorful look at the avenues in that city
and makes for enjoyable reading. The Town and Village of Marcellus also have a number of
streets and roads that are both colorful and historic. Although some may have been omitted from
this list, and some may require additional research, each of the following names provides a
special story about Marcellus' past.